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Student Engagements

We are continuously looking for new student education programs to bring to our school.

Some past PTA student education programs include:

  • Snake Encounters – educating the kids about in an entertaining way.

  • The Morris Brothers – Delivers an educational message about bullying as well as teamwork, self-esteem, making good decisions and the acceptance of differences in others.

  • The Perot Museum, Fire & Ice – Students will explore matter, physical and chemical change, how matter changes when its heated up, etc.


Cultural Arts Programs

We support the cultural arts by bringing visual and performing art opportunities to the campus that is outside of the standard art class curricula. This may include international dancers, musicians and performers that represent different genres and cultures, or visual and performing artists that utilize storytelling, puppetry, art and drama to create an experience that will expand a child’s horizons, and view of the world.

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