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 Leadership Executive Board Positions


  • Partin PTO president serves as the presiding officer of Partin PTO and presides over executive board and membership meetings.

  • Directs the affairs of the association in cooperation with other members of the executive board.

VP Fundraising

  • Promotes fundraising to provide funds for the promotion of the PTO Purposes and Partin PTO planned programs.

  • Oversees Spirit Store, Box Tops and Book Fair.

VP Membership

  • Builds an informed and participating membership by enrolling parents, teachers, and interested citizens

VP Programs

  • Plans and arranges for educational programs for students and parents and community involvement programs that support the purposes of PTO.


  • Records all business transacted at each general meeting of the Partin PTO as well as meetings of the executive board.


  • The authorized custodian of all Partin PTO funds.

  • Receives and disburses all monies indicated in the budget and stated in the Local PTA bylaws or as authorized by action of the association.

Spirit Store 

  • Designs and orders all spirit gear sold by PTO.

  • Markets and sells the merchandise.

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