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We are making some changes this year to how we help our school. One of those ways was moving from a PTA to a PTO. This will keep more money at our school and less money in the pockets of companies we know nothing about. We are still a non profit, and our goals are to support and help our children and teachers throughout the years to come. 

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Meet your Partin PTO Board Members!
More info coming soon.....

PTO  President 

My name is Tina Bernotus, and I m honored to be the PTO president this year. I have three kids, two that are at Partin and one at VAMS. We have lived in VA for two years, and are so glad to call it home! I'm a firm believer that in order to have a successful PTO, We all have to give. I have learned that I can not be a good giver of my time or talents, until I heave learned to be a good receiver of help. I look forward to helping our Children, Teachers, and Staff at Partin  feel our love and support by our events, gifts, and fun we will share with them this year. 


Libby Friday


Christy Wilson 

Teacher Appreciation 

Vice President 

Alyson Ballard 

VP Programs

Carolyn Zacharias

Spirit Store 

Stefanie Hauser 

VP Fundraising

McKenzie Conroy

VP Membership

Brandy Schoener 

Volunteer Coordinator

Whitney Holmes 

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